Complete Schedule

Friday, April 28

  • 6:00P Festival Opens!
  • 6:00P Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Open
  • 7:00P Friday Night Kick-off Concert Groove Knight! FREE (Bring your own chair.) (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 9:00P Arts & Crafts Booths & Food Court Close

Saturday, April 29

  • 10:00A Festival Opens!
  • 10:00A Arts & Crafts Booths Open
  • 10:00A Kids Area & Food Court Open
  • 10:00A “Paint the Georgetown Red” Parade
  • 10:00A Palace Theater (Celebrate Stage)
  • 10:45A Performing Arts Studio (Celebrate Stage)
  • 11:00A Car Show Opens
  • 11:00A Xander Ortiz (Mayfair Stage)
  • 11:30A Walburg Boys (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:45A Georgetown Conservatory Dance (Celebrate Stage)
  • 12:00P Bob & Johnny (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:30P McCoy Elementary Choir (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:00P Wound Loose Band (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   1:00P Memphis Kee (Mayfair Stage)
  •   1:00P Cooper Elementary Choir (Celebrate Stage)
  •   1:30P Ford Elementary Choir (Celebrate Stage)
  •   2:00P Arts Avenue For Kids (Celebrate Stage)
  •   2:00P Midnight Butterfly (Mayfair Stage)
  •   3:00P Car Show Awards (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   3:00P Velvet Sparrow (Mayfair Stage)
  •   3:00P Dolce Music Studio (Celebrate Stage)
  •   3:45P Sue’s Dance (Celebrate Stage)
  •   4:00P John McDonough (Mayfair Stage)
  •   4:30P Not Past 11 (Celebrate Stage)
  •   5:00P Katie & Caleigh (Mayfair Stage)
  •   6:00P Michael Hamilton (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   7:00P Kids Area Closes
  •   7:20P Red Poppy Taste Awards Presentation (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   7:30P Blue Water Highway (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   9:20P National Anthem (Red Poppy Stage)
  •   9:30P Diamond Rio on The Red Poppy Stage!

Sunday, April 30