Complete Schedule – Red Poppy Festival
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Complete Schedule

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Friday, April 26

• 6:00PM Festival Opens!
• 6:00PM Unveiling of 20th Anniversary Red Poppy Festival Commemorative Sculpture
• 6:00PM Artisans Booths & Food Courts Open
• 7:00PM Friday Night Kick-off Concert will be featuring Dysfunkshun Junkshun!  Come on and celebrate good times with your favorite 80’s band! FREE!
(Bring your own chair.)
(Red Poppy Stage)

Saturday, April 27

  • 10:00AM Festival Opens!
  • 10:00AM Paint Georgetown Red Poppy Festival Parade
  • 10:00AM Kids Area Opens
  • 10:30AM Georgetown Dance Project (Celebrate Stage)
  • 11:00 AM Car Show
  • 11:00AM The Jerrells (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 11:00AM Madi Meeks (Mayfair Stage)
  • 1:15AM Dance Elements (Celebrate Stage)
  • 12:00PM Performing Arts Studio (Celebrate Stage)
  • 12:00PM Bob & Johnny (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:30PM Garrett Ford (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 1:00PM Acrotex (Celebrate Stage)
  • 1:00PM Williamson County Line (Mayfair Stage)
  • 1:30PM Ford Elementary (Celebrate Stage)
  • 2:00PM Memphis Kee (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 2:00PM Arts Ave for Kids (Celebrate Stage)
  • 2:00PM Crystal Image (Mayfair Stage)
  • 3:00PM Car Show Awards (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 3:00PM Dance Empower (Celebrate Stage)
  • 3:00PM Shoddy Posture (Mayfair Stage)
  • 3:45PM Sues Dance (Celebrate Stage)
  • 4:00PM Valor and Lace (Mayfair Stage)
  • 4:30PM Georgetown Dance Conservatory (Celebrate Stage)
  • 5:00PM Jo Ellen and The Box of Chocolates (Mayfair Stage)
  • 6:00PM Tough on Fridays (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 7:00PM Kids Area Closes
  • 7:15PM “Red Poppy Taste” Cooking Competition Awards
  • 7:30PM Mason Lively Live on the Red Poppy Stage!
  • 9:20PM National Anthem
  • 9:30PM Pat Green Live on the Red Poppy Stage!

Sunday, April 28

  • 11:00AM Festival Opens!
  • 11:00AM Kids Area Opens
  • 11:00AM Georgetown Showcase – Meet and Greet City Vehicles
  • 11:00AM Georgetown Palace Theater (Celebrate Stage)
  • 11:00AM Crashing Cali (Mayfair Stage)
  • 11:30AM Marcy Grace Band (Red Poppy Stage) 
  • 12:00PM Georgetown Ballet (Celebrate Stage)
  • 12:00PM Katelyn Simpson (Mayfair Stage)
  • 12:30PM Irish Dance Center (Celebrate Stage)
  • 1:00PM Sieker Band (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 1:00PM GHS Jazz Band (Celebrate Stage)
  • 1:00PM Jordan Springall (Mayfair Stage)
  • 2:00PM Kiwanis One in the Hole Ball Drop
  • 2:00PM Woundloose (Mayfair Stage)
  • 2:15PM Coloring Contest Awards (Celebrate Stage)
  • 2:30PM Heather Victorino (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 2:30PM Clickety Cloggers (Celebrate Stage)
  • 3:00PM Meet and Greet with Chet from the Daytripper (Inside Visitors Center)
  • 3:00PM Hollow Robot (Mayfair Stage)
  • 3:15PM Cedar Park Dance (Celebrate Stage)
  • 4:00PM Blue Vibe (Red Poppy Stage)
  • 4:00PM Dolce Music (Celebrate Stage)
  • 4:00PM  Kids Area Closes (Celebrate Stage)
  • 4:00PM Chubby Knuckle Choir (Mayfair Stage)
  • 5:00PM  Festival Closes