Complete Schedule

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Friday, April 27

6:00PM Festival Opens!
6:00PM Artisans Booths & Food Court Open
7:00PM Friday Night Kick-off Concert Dysfunkshun Junkshun! FREE (Bring your own chair.) (Red Poppy Stage)


Saturday, April 28

10:00AM Festival Opens!
10:00AM Kids Area Opens
10:00AM “Paint Georgetown Red” Parade
10:15AM Dance Elements
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
10:45AM Georgetown Palace Education Program (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
11:00AM Car Show Opens
11:00AM Avery Logan 
(Mayfair Stage)
11:15AM Georgetown Conservatory of Dance (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
11:00AM Walburg Boys
(Red Poppy Stage)
12:00PM Performing Arts Studio
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
12:00PM Bethany Becker  (Mayfair Stage)
12:30PM The Mrs.
(Red Poppy Stage)
•   1:00PM Cooper Elementary/Allegro
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   1:00PM TomZap
(Mayfair Stage)
•   1:30PM Ford Elementary
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   2:00PM Arts Avenue For Kids
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   2:00PM Porch Turtles
(Mayfair Stage)
   2:00PM Mike Hamilton (Red Poppy Stage)
•   3:00PM Dance Empower (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   3:00PM  Jo Ellen and the Box of Chocolates 
•   3:45PM Sue’s Dance
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   4:00PM Cam Dozier
(Mayfair Stage)
•   4:30PM East View Jazz Band
(Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•   5:00PM Alex Winters (Mayfair Stage)
•   7:00PM Kids Area Closes

Saturday Night Concert on the Red Poppy Stage:
•  6:00PM Matthew McQueen
•  7:20PM Presentation of Taste of Poppy winners
•  7:30PM Prophets and Outlaws
•  9:20PM National Anthem
•  9:30PM Joe Nichols


Sunday, April 29

11:00AM Festival Opens!
11:00AM Kids Area Opens
11:00AM Georgetown Showcase – Meet and Greet City Vehicles
11:00AM John McDonough (Mayfair Stage)
11:30AM Memphis Kee (Red Poppy Stage)
12:00PM Georgetown Ballet
(Celebrate Stage)
12:00PM Xander Ortiz (Mayfair Stage)
12:30PM Irish Dance Center
(Celebrate Stage)
•   1:00PM Chet the Daytripper Meet and Greet (Visitors Center near 7th & Main)
   1:00PM Parker Jensen
(Mayfair Stage)
•   1:00PM Georgetown High School Jazz Band
(Celebrate Stage)
   1:00PM Them Duqaines
(Red Poppy Stage)
•   2:00PM Kiwanis One in the Hole Ball Drop
(7th St. & Austin Ave.)
•   2:00PM Jeremy McBee
(Mayfair Stage)
•   2:15PM Coloring Contest Awards
(Celebrate Stage)
•   2:30PM Clickety Cloggers
(Celebrate Stage)
•   2:30PM The Mighty Pelican
s (Red Poppy Stage)
•   3:00PM Folkwine
(Mayfair Stage)       
  3:15PM Cedar Park Dance Company (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
•  4:00PM Dolce Music Studio (Celebrate Georgetown Stage)
  4:00PM Kat Whitlock (Mayfair Stage)
•  4:00PM Morningstar
(Red Poppy Stage)
•  4:00PM Kids Area Closes
•  5:00PM Festival Closes