FAQs – Red Poppy Festival


Q. Is there admission for the concerts or other events?

  • All events/concerts are free!

Q. Will there be a parade?

Q. Are dogs welcome at Red Poppy Festival?

  • Yes, but pets must be on a leash to ensure everyone’s safety.

Q. Who is playing at the concerts?

  • Friday headliner:
    • TBD
  • Saturday headliner:
    • TBD

For a full schedule and all the details, go to RedPoppyFestival.com.

Q. What are festival hours?

      • Friday:  6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
      • Saturday:  10 a.m. – 1 1 p.m. (Until concert finishes)
      • Sunday:  11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Q. What time does the car show start?

      • The Car Show is from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday.
      • For a full schedule and all the details, go to RedPoppyFestival.com.

Q. Where are the music stages?

      • Red Poppy Stage is at 7th and Austin Ave.
      • Celebrate Stage is at 9th and Main Street
      • Mayfair Street Stage is at 6th and Main Street

Q. Will the weather alter the festival schedule? 

      • Safety first – While many activities will continue rain or shine. High winds, lightning or downpours may require some set-time adjustments. Updates, including delays or cancellations will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
      • Health concerns – Even a nice weather day can present challenges if the temperatures rise. The risk for dehydration or heat exhaustion requires extra care (wear a hat, sunglasses and sunblock, drink lots of water, etc.)

Q. What is location of specific vendors?

      • All artisan vendors are listed on program, go to RedPoppyFestival.com for complete schedule.
      • Food Courts are located at Main Street at Sixth Street and on Eighth Street and Rock Street.

Q. Where can I get a program of events?

      • Programs will be available at the T-shirt booth located in the Visitor Centers (103 W. 7th Street).  Programs will also be distributed to shuttle riders.

Q. Can we bring coolers with food and beverages?

      • Yes, but no glass containers.

Q. Can I bring my own chairs, umbrellas or canopy?

      • Portable folding chairs are permitted. Umbrellas or canopies will not be allowed.

Q. What is the shuttle bus schedule and where does it originate?

      • Check back in April 2024 for shuttle information.

Q. Will shuttles accommodate strollers or wheelchair?

      • Check back in April 2024 for details.

Q. Are dogs allowed on the shuttle?

      • Check back in April 2024 for details.

Q. Where is the handicapped parking location?

      • The parking lot at 10th and Main is reserved for those with mobility challenges.  A placard or license plate designation will be required.

Q. Can I use my favorite rideshare service to the event?

      • Yes, contact your favorite rideshare company to schedule a ride.

Q. Where can we park?

      • We recommend that festival goers use the Red Poppy Festival shuttle provided on Saturday beginning at 9:00 am until after the Saturday Night Concert. To ensure pedestrian safety, parking in the Old Town Neighborhoods will be limited and towing will be enforced when vehicles are left in a No Parking Zone.
      • Parking lots are located at:
        • Lot on Austin near 5th
        • Parking Garage at 3rd and Rock
        • Municipal lot between 7th and 8th near the Library
        • Handicapped parking only at Church and 10th

Q. Where can guests check for lost|found items?

      • Items can be turned in at the Police|Fire Department booth located on the corner of 7th & Main Street near Tejas Meat Supply.

Q. Where is the first-aid station?

      • First responders will be available at the first-aid booth located at 7th & Main Street

Q. Where can I find an ATM machine?

      • Wells Fargo Bank at 1111 S. Austin Ave.
      • Mobile ATM machines are also provided by private vendor on the sidewalks around the Square.

Q. Where can I purchase a Red Poppy Festival t-shirt?

      • Pick up your Red Poppy Festival t-shirts at the souvenir booth located in the Visitors Center (103 W. 7th Street).
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